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April 12, 2015 / Sarah Thomasin


I’d like to fight

For equal rights,
But that still seems
A distant dream.
Respect? Fair pay?
Perhaps, one day.
For now we strive
To just survive. 
March 28, 2015 / Sarah Thomasin

A little anti gentrification poem in solidarity with Rare and Racy and their neighbours. Please, if you live in Sheffield, buy something from Rare and Racy. It’s an amazing place and they need the love right now.

Keep Sheffield rare and racy

Keep it quirky and unique

Paint all the walls with street art

Let the bricks and mortar speak

Keep Sheffield loved and local

Keep its history alive

Shop at independent businesses

And make sure they all thrive.

Keep Sheffield’s nooks and crannies

Where the weirdo artists play 

Keep Sheffield City Council

From signing them away


Keep fighting hard for Sheffield

Don’t let it be denied

Keep Sheffield for the people

Not bloody gentrified


Keep Sheffield rare and racy

Cause if we can’t do that,

Get used to faceless chain stores 

And a thousand empty flats

February 23, 2015 / Sarah Thomasin

∞ (a mathematical love poem)

It isn’t what you think.
It’s not the “ah! plus one!”
You tack triumphant on a string of of zeros
To prove a point:
That we can never look at it up close it
Is always in the distance

So much of mathematics
Seems like that
“We know this number’s real in theory
Because its absence always leaves a shape
Of what it might be. One day we’ll have proof.
But not today.
Is very far away
But we can see
A distant shadow
Stretching out ahead.

It’s not like that.

Infinity is what’s between the numbers.
That familiar space
Where most of us don’t often think to look
Was never space at all
But everything.

Infinity is what makes one, and one
Connect, becoming two.

February 19, 2015 / Sarah Thomasin

The Sin Of Sodom

The Angels came down here to slum it in Sodom
Check out if the city lived down to its name
(They’d heard terrible things in the prayers of the faithful.)

Hospitality, divine right of strangers in town
Was shown by a local with manners and grace.
A settler: Jewish, and Lot was his name.

The Angels drank wine and they ate of the best
That Lot had to offer. Because, from his door
No traveller was turned. There, but for the grace

Of God goes the one with a hearth and a roof.
But just as the Angels were put at their ease
Came a knocking and pounding that rattled the door.

And the voices outside shouted “who are these men?”
Have they papers, or permits? And what do they want?
Will they take up our jobs? Are they dirty? Diseased?

“We’ve a right to be told who comes in at our gates
To demand that they make themselves open to us
We’ve a right, with these strangers, to do what we want.”

Yes this was the sin of the city of Sodom
This was the transgression you’re blaming on us.
Not the love of two men, but the hatred of many.

So never forget who the sodomites were.

February 17, 2015 / Sarah Thomasin

Beggars Can Be Choosers

(Dedicated to Hull City Council)

Beggars can choose to be hungry and cold

In a way that will not inconvenience me

Beggars can choose to do just as they’re told

And to suffer in silence, where no-one can see.

Beggars can choose to consider how they

Might impact on the profits of businesslike folk.

Beggars can choose to go humbly away

Out of sight, out of mind. (Ask for help? What a joke.)

Councils can choose to think on, and ensure

They are not kicking someone who’s already down.

Councils can choose not to bully the poor

With their UKIP-themed colour schemes all over town.

Councils can choose to be fair and humane

And to help those in need over those doing well.

(But will councils choose to apportion the blame

To austerity measures and greed? Will they hell!)


February 1, 2015 / Sarah Thomasin


(for Cai)

Luigi is taller than Mario
And Mario can’t jump as high.

Sonic can’t swim underwater
But Tails can, and he can fly.

And it makes me wonder, sometimes
Though I’ve not very often said it:

Why do the ones who are just second best
Seem to get all of the credit?

It’s not SuperLuigi Brothers,
You never play Tails The Fox,

It’s always Sonic or Mario
With their face on the front of the box.

It seems to be more about who they are
Than what they can actually do,

And I wonder if anyone’s told them
“Your sidekick is better than you!”

But Luigi seems perfectly happy,
And Tails is a chilled little dude,

They never step into the limelight:
They’d probably think it was rude.

While Sonic and Mario always
Seem to need their names to be mentioned…

Perhaps when you know that you’re not quite as good
You need just a bit more attention.

So if you would rather be Mario
(Or Sonic) that’s up to you.

And that suits me, I would much rather be
Playing as Player Two.

Because (and I’m not being rude here
I just want to let this sink in)

Do you NEED your name to be on your game
Or would you prefer to win?

I felt bad when my friend Kate’s son Cai asked for a poem about computer games and we didn’t know any. So I wrote this based on a conversation we had.

January 11, 2015 / Sarah Thomasin


Sometimes I have to be at an important
Work thing and my hair decides to be
And it’s like hey look everyone I’m ELVIS
And I’m trying to calm it down
And stop it singing and sneering
In my important work thing.

And then later
I’m like hey hair remember that
thing you did earlier?

And my hair is like
No whatever I hate you.

And I’m like
No really hair we are going out and
That whole Elvis thing would be perfect.
This is our chance to shine

And my hair is like. Oh
Oh NOW you want me to be cool
But you couldn’t accept me for who I am before.
Could you

If you’re embarrassed to be seen with me
When you’re with your fancy work friends
Then fine
Don’t expect me to suck up to you now.

If anyone needs me I’ll be up here. On your head.
Doing an interpretive dance about rejection and despair.
Fuck you, Sarah.
Fuck you.


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